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Will I Have to Pay My Ex Child-Support if We Just Got a Divorce?

Will I Have to Pay My Ex Child-Support if We Just Got a Divorce?

The number one goal for parents going through a divorce is how the children will be taken care of after the dust settles. Child support is not an automatic process following divorce. You can talk to your ex about coming up with your own financial arrangement. As a parent, you also have a legal responsibility to your children to take care of them financially regardless of if you are divorced or not. During the divorce process, you can speak with your ex about arranging financial support for your child. But a court may not immediately demand you pay child support. A custody agreement must be reached beforehand or a custody dispute must be brought before the judge before you are obligated to pay. Unless the court sets temporary orders.

Types of custody

The well-being of the child is at the forefront of any custody battle and children greatly benefit from both of their parents being involved in their lives. But if one parent creates a toxic environment through physical, mental, or emotional abuse or neglect the child’s well-being is the most important and sole custody may be what is best.

  • Sole physical and shared legal custody can mean the children are only in the physical care of one parent but both parents make decisions for the children.
  • Shared physical custody and sole legal custody can be when the children spend time with both parents but only one parent can make decisions for the children.

Child Support

The courts will make sure that the child is fully financially supported while trying to keep the burden spread evenly between parents while also taking the difference in incomes into consideration. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side during all deciding processes of a child custody agreement will give you the comfort of knowing you will not be financially at a loss when it comes to paying child support. For Las Vegas residents in need of a family law council, give Warnock Family Law a call today.