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    If you think your relationship has come to and end and a divorce is inevitable, don’t do it by yourself. We realize the days ahead can be daunting and overwhelming, don’t do it by yourself and don’t do anything until you have had a chance to talk with us. Our team is skilled at helping you to come to terms with the many decisions you will be making in the days ahead and understanding how to help you with the emotions that go with it. Whether you have a simple split or a complicated situation that involves assets and children, Warnock Family Law and its team provide you with the guidance and support every step of the way. We will make sure that you are protected and that all of your personal interests and rights are upheld. To schedule time or a call just click on the link below to get things started.

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  • 5 Things to consider before filing for a divorce in Las Vegas

    Know all You Can About Your Marital Estate:

    Before seeking legal representation, it is important to understand the extent of your marital estate, which comprises the assets and debts you and your spouse/partner have acquired during marriage. Itemize what belongs to the marriage as well as separate property and debts that should be addressed during the divorce proceedings.

    Get All Your Financial Documents Organized:

    Gather six months to a year’s worth of financial documents including taxes, bank statements, assets, debts, and paystubs. This will make the process quicker.

    Determine Your Custody Goals:

    If this is a divorce matter involving children, or a custody matter, it is imperative that you understand your rights and obligations before making any agreements with a former partner. Warnock Family Law understands that this is a very emotional process and will give you strong, solid advice, and help guide you in the right decision for your specific situation.

    Talk to Warnock Family Law:

    Talk to an attorney before you do any irreparable harm. Don’t listen to the advice of your friends who have been through the same thing. Every case is different. We offer free initial consultations and will advise you with regard to your situation free of charge.

    Every case is different:

    We need to speak to you about the specifics involved so we can advise you appropriately. Call our office and we will schedule a free consultation to help guide you in the right direction We will listen to you and advise you how to make the best decision for your family.

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