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    Figuring out a parenting agreement that covers and defines child custody and visitation arrangements can be extremely difficult, especially when there’s animosity between the parents.

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  • What is Child Custody Law and who needs a Child Custody Lawyer in Las Vegas?

    The legal terms used for child custody can often times be confusing. While many people have an overall idea of what child custody means, not everyone knows the difference between legal custody and physical custody.

    There are a lot of entanglements that can happen if you don’t have a full and comprehensive written understanding of what your child custody agreement is. That’s why you should always consult an attorney that practices child custody law in Las Vegas and understands how to make sure that you have been fully represented and your rights have been fully protected.

    What are the different Types of Child Custody?

    Types of Child Custody

    Legal Custody

    Full definition and explanation of legal custody, which is different from physical custody in that it allows a parent to make long-term decisions about the child’s upbringing and well-being.

    Physical Custody

    Definition and explanation of physical custody, which differs from legal custody in that it involves the determination of where a child lives on a day-to-day basis.

    Sole Custody

    Definition and explanation of sole custody, an arrangement whereby only one parent has full custody of their child, often awarded in cases where the other parent is abusive or absent.

    Joint Custody

    Overview of joint custody, a relatively common arrangement for divorced or unmarried parents in which the child splits his or her time between the two parents’ living quarters.

    Grandparent Visitation and Custody

    Basics of what a court considers when grandparents seek visitation or custody of a child, a determination that is primarily based on the child’s needs and best interests.