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Child Custody Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

Child Custody Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV | Warnock Family Law

A child custody attorney will represent your interests and what is best for your child in court. Not knowing what to expect or what your options are may be an anxiety-ridden question in your mind as you make efforts toward finding an attorney in Las Vegas, NV for your custody case.  A custody case can often be a stressful, emotional time for all parties. Having someone who knows the laws and has been through the process many times, will give you confidence and reassurance as you go into the unknown territory of a custody battle.


When an attorney specializes in family law, they are able to learn the ins and outs of divorce cases, custody battles, and courtroom proceedings and can better guide clients in making positive decisions for their families. Because the outcomes greatly affect children and the child-parent relationship, child custody lawyers require unwavering attention and commitment to representing their clients and giving them the very best advice in Las Vegas.


The importance of experience in a child custody case can not be overstated. Most likely, you will have no experience in this area. To have a Las Vegas attorney who has walked through custody case after custody case with numerous concerned and anxious parents gives a representative the experience to remain calm and to lead their clients confidently in knowing what to expect and what avenues have produced favorable results in previous cases.


Understanding the different legal terms and what kind of weight they carry can be confusing and seeking one without full comprehension may cause you to end up with undesirable results. A good family law attorney will walk you through your options and listen to what you think is the right route to take. But going in with some knowledge will help you to communicate what you believe is best for your children.

Custody is divided into two large categories:

  • Physical custody: This involves where a child lives and how often the child sees each parent. Decisions about the frequency of visitation, what to do on holidays, or what days of the week a parent can see their child are all determined and spelled out in black and white terms.
  • Legal custody: This kind of custody refers to decisions made for the child.  For instance,  medical treatments or procedures, religious upbringing, school decisions, etc.

If you are in Las Vegas, looking for the best representation to give you the support you need to get through the difficult situation of fighting for custody of your child, Patricia Warnock with the  Warnock Family Law firm, will provide the guidance and expertise you need to feel fully supported going into your child custody case.