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The Best Lawyer in Las Vegas for Child Custody

The Best Lawyer in Las Vegas for Child Custody

In a court of law, having an experienced child custody attorney’s support will help you navigate the tricky and emotional waters of a child custody dispute. In Las Vegas, NV, hiring the best lawyer for your child custody case can help alleviate some anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.  A custody case can often be a stressful, emotional time for all parties. Having someone who knows the laws and has been through the process many times, will give you confidence and reassurance as you go into the unknown territory of a custody battle.

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A child custody case can be extremely stressful and complex. Hiring a family law attorney will be an added comfort and guide through the whole process. But more practically, an attorney will:

  • Complete and file paperwork on time
  • Understand and explain what you can expect from the law
  • Define legal terms
  • Speak-up for you in court


When you are looking for the best child custody attorney, you want to make sure that they understand your goals. Seeing eye-to-eye with your lawyer is essential so you can feel truly represented in court. When you are choosing your attorney, ask many questions so that you know who this person is professionally before you begin your case.


Custody is divided into two large categories:

  • Physical custody involves where a child lives and how often the child sees each parent. Decisions about the frequency of visitation, what to do on holidays, or what days of the week a parent can see their child are all determined and spelled out in specific terms.
  • Legal custody: This kind of custody refers to decisions made for the child.  For instance, medical treatments or procedures, religious upbringing, school decisions, etc.

Expertise and experience

Children are an innocent party in a child custody battle and deserve to have both parents in their lives. Having an experienced lawyer on your side means you won’t have to worry. You will be getting the most physical and legal custody possible. A lawyer who focuses on family law has seen plenty of examples of custody battles and can guide you through the process. Knowing how best to advise their clients, a family law attorney will help you through every step of the way. Because the outcomes greatly affect children and the child-parent relationship, child custody lawyers require an unwavering focus and commitment to representing their clients and giving them the very best advice in Las Vegas.

If you are in Las Vegas, looking for the best representation to give you the support you need to get through the difficult situation of fighting for custody of your child, Patricia Warnock with the  Warnock Family Law firm, will provide the guidance and expertise you need to feel fully supported going in to your child custody case.