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The Dos and Don’ts of Setting Up a Custody Agreement

The Dos and Donts of Setting Up a Custody Agreement | Warnock Family Law

One thing is certain if you are going through a custody arrangement, you are not the first nor will you be the last. There have been many custody disputes with vastly different outcomes that you can learn from so that you get the best case scenario in your custody agreement with your ex. Regardless of your problems with your ex, the children’s best interest should always be at the forefront of your mind in how you conduct yourself through the custody agreement. The dos and don’ts of setting up a custody agreement should be guided by an experienced family law attorney that has been down this road with many parents and who knows what hills are worth dying on and which ones work themselves out over time.

A list of positives things to do during your custody arrangement are:

  • Keep the best interest of your child as the most important aspect at all times
  • Always be on time for every meeting, child pick up or drop off, procedure, etc
  • Be 100% honest in everything you report to the courts such as your work schedule, your availability, and your earnings
  • Exercise your parental rights by spending time with your child. The court’s perception is very important but more so, is your child’s relationship. This is a difficult time for your child as well so spending valuable time will not only be life-giving for your child, who is your first priority, but it will also show the courts that you are invested in your child
  • Be amicable with your ex as much as possible
  • Take care of your child’s financial needs
  • Be willing to compromise at times. Being flexible in common sense situations will help maintain a positive relationship with your ex which will leave a positive impact on your child

Behaviors to avoid during a custody arrangement are:

  • Not communicating with your ex or the courts
  • Not honoring the schedule of visitation
  • Speaking negatively about your ex in public or on social media
  • Being rigid with your schedule in unreasonable ways. Keeping your regular schedule with your child is perfectly fine and your right. But if something special comes up that will cut into your time with your child, heavily consider being flexible if it is in your child’s best interest

Setting up a custody agreement does not have to be a knock-down drag-out fight. Being respectful of your ex while keeping your child’s best interest as your top priority will help you to feel good about your own behavior during the custody agreement, it will be good for your child to witness, and the courts will see your genuine love for your child which can have the biggest impact in getting the custody arrangement that you want. For the best advice in the Las Vegas area during a custody agreement, give Warnock Family Law a call today.