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How Can I Get Custody of My Children?

Child custody laws in Nevada do not provide an exact outline of how to gain custody of your children. There is room in the law for the judge to use discretion when making decisions about custody. The ultimate concern when it comes to custody is the well-being of the children. The courts have to use discretion to determine the best interests of the child and decide which custody arrangement will serve those interests. There is not a to-do list that will guarantee that you get custody of your children. There are, however, a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting the custody you are seeking out.

Hire a child custody attorney

The most important step you can take to get custody of your children is to hire a child custody attorney. As mentioned above, there are nuances in the law that can make it difficult to know exactly what to do to prove that you deserve custody. A top-notch child custody lawyer will be familiar with the laws that impact custody. In addition, a lawyer will understand the process and be able to guide you every step of the way. Going through a child custody battle on your own can be confusing, scary, and likely end with an arrangement that is different from what you want. Having a child custody lawyer on your side will make the process easier and may be the factor that ultimately helps you get custody of your children.

Make sure your home is child-friendly

The safety and comfort of your home is a factor that the courts will consider in a child custody battle. Do you have room for your children in the place you are living now? If not, it is important to make some adjustments so you can give the children what they need while they are in your home. The environment does not have to be elaborate but your children will need a place to sleep, bathe, and access to food while in your home. Getting some of these basics in place as quickly as possible may help in your efforts to gain custody of your children.

Stay involved with your children as much as possible

Another factor that may help with your goal of gaining custody of your children is to stay involved in their lives as much as possible. Do what you can legally and logistically. For example, if you currently only have visitation but want custody, be sure and prioritize the visitation. Your efforts while you fight for custody may come into play as the judge works to determine if you are ready to get custody of your children.

Gaining custody of your children is a process that will take some time. If you do not currently have custody of your children or cannot agree with your ex on an arrangement, the courts will have to be involved in the process. Getting professional help from the beginning is an essential part of getting the results you want. As you go through the process, take the time to get your home ready and remain involved in the lives of your children as much as possible. If you have questions, schedule a confidential consultation with Warnock family law.