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Can a Father Win a Child Custody Battle?

Can a Father Win a Child Custody Battle_

Can a father win a child custody battle? This is a common question that parents ask while going through a split. If both parents want primary custody, does it automatically go to the mom? What does a father have to do to show that he should win a child custody battle? Fathers who want to continue being involved in the lives of their children have questions like these going into a child custody battle. In order to understand if a father can win a child custody battle, you need to start by looking into the child custody laws in Nevada.

Child custody laws in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, fathers have just as many rights as a parent as mothers do. Fathers have the right to be involved in important decisions for the child and to have physical custody of the child regularly. In situations where the parents cannot come to an agreement for custody, the courts will look at the law and consider the best interests of the child in order to determine a legal and physical custody arrangement.

Why is there a child custody battle?

Custody battles happen when one parent wants a higher percentage of custody and/or believes that the other parent is not fit to have an equal amount of input and time. Parents do have the option of working together to find a custody arrangement that works for both parents and the child. Even if parents can agree on an arrangement, it is still important to get help from a child custody attorney. There are factors you may not consider as you develop a custody arrangement with your ex. A child custody attorney will know the important questions to ask and help you with the process of getting a child custody arrangement that works for you and is in the best interest of your child.

Determining what is best for the child

The well-being of the child is the most important factor in any child custody battle. How does the court determine the best interest of the child? There are a number of factors the court will consider to determine what custody arrangement is best for the child. Do both parents have a place for the child to stay in their respective homes? Are there any concerns about the child’s physical safety with one of the parents based on previous incidents? The answers to questions like these will help the court determine what is best for your child in terms of custody.

Different types of custody

There are different types of custody that you may seek out in a custody battle. As a father and parent, you have the right to legal and physical custody of your child. Legal custody means that you can be involved in making long-term decisions about the well-being of your child. Physical custody refers to having time with the child and making decisions about the child’s living arrangement. Custody is often shared between parents.

The law in Nevada makes it clear that fathers do have child custody rights. However, it can feel like there is a bias against the father when it comes to a child custody battle. It is important to have a child custody attorney in your corner to ensure that every element of the battle is held up to the standard of the law.